build impressive applications for Web3
easy to develop and quick to deploy Web3 portal builder
modules & services to solve any business need
we plan to launch 1M portals for Web3 by 2030
supported by DEIP creator protocol
tokenization of any intangible assets
Casimir is a huge leap forward for Web3.

save months in development of any kind of portal, from NFT marketplaces to fundraising platforms.

Casimir allows you to launch a project with minimal developer involvement.
deploy your Web3 project in just 1 month
bring any ideas and projects to life simply and quickly by combining modules in a drag-and-drop interface and choosing the desired options.
open-source modular framework to build portals for DEIP network
business scalability
launch Web3 projects using flexible modules and services that can solve any business task
deploy Web3 projects rapidly
use out-of-the-box, tested integration solutions to reduce development time by up to 12 times, and deploy Web3 projects in just 1 month
customize to your needs
set up your portal design using branded styles, create themes, or use the design material library for advanced features
log in just once
the interconnected system that uses single sign-on technology helps all users surf Web3 portals in the DEIP Network using only 1 crypto wallet.
Put your portals to good use for your business.
get inspired
Casimir helps to build up a marketplace for user-owned digital goods, which include collectables, digital art, and other assets backed by a blockchain.
create a platform with the opportunity to receive funding for future works or crowdfunding based on a research idea
fundrasing platforms
made on Casimir
DeTech's technology transfer portal is a free, open-source platform for technology commercialization. tech transfer industy organizations list their technologies in an open network, providing others with the chance to license or invest in them.
Vedai is a platform that enables anyone to invest in coding-bootcamp income share agreement (ISA) programs and receive a share of the bootcamp profits in ISA returns.
social media
Ninetales is reinventing the way content creators own and monetize their assets. the platform will give creators full ownership over their content and audiences.
music and events
Legal Music offers NFT ticketing and internal coins for concert organizers, artists, and music distributors to counter counterfeiting of goods and event tickets, in addition to music piracy.
digital art
NFT marketplace with an important cultural goal: to become a digital gallery of traditional Belarussian art as seen by modern artists of the country.
phygital content
Ahead is a community-driven platform to create content, spaces, and events for companies pushing forward their brand and engaging audiences in the Metaverse
human welfare
platform where anyone can upload their art and turn it to NFTs in support of the ukrainian people. all the money from the sale of the NFTs goes to ukrainian humanitarian funds.
Create For Peace
a virtual architecture and design platform build for creators and enthusiasts to discover the new industry, make money and form a community.
Casimir is supported by the creator economy protocol
DEIP's protocol is Web3 and application specific for intangible assets and derivatives. the creator economy protocol enables the discovery, evaluation, licensing, and exchange of intangible assets.

The protocol is specifically designed for:
tokenization of intangible assets into fractional NFTs
governance via decentralized autonomous organizations
liquidity through DeFi instruments and derivatives
core protocol
Casimir's key features for flexibility
code composition
data composition
Casimir contains of modules, services, blocks that are implemented as individual Node.js packages with external dependencies. as with a website builder, you first take pieces to create basic elements and then make functional blocks from them to create a portal rapidly.
we offer the flexibility of dynamic data structure. an entity, such as a project, user, or user group has a minimal set of default characteristics expressed as its parameters. add any characteristics on top of that to create custom entities that fit your business needs.
entity composition
Casimir allows you to aggregate multiple entities into composite ones, which is useful when creating customer scenarios.
independent of the Casimir base modules and entities, you can abstract away your idea into something completely different. this makes Casimir so applicable for the creator economy, where you can create and lead any custom project for science research, new tech, music, film script, and more.
on-chain and off-chain integration will save you time, you don't need to think about it from a zero point that. we help to bridge to your simplicity and perfectibility.

low code
using low code, all you need to build a portal is list Casimir's Node.js packages in the main.js file (which contains the portal logic) and create simple components that use the packages and their methods.

reuse our code without having to write the frontend or backend logic yourself.
no code
currently Casimir offers only low-code mode; no-code mode is coming soon.
join the external Casimir development team and become a major part of the transition to Web3
Ask any questions you may have sending us an email:
Our team is working hard to create structured and easy to understand documentation, the link will appear on the website soon. Fill the application form so we can contact you via mail and answer all your questions.
Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch
CEO DeTech.World
Casimir enables unpresidential flexibility in designing portals bringing forward Web3 adoption with an easy deployment next gen toolbox.
Kate Butko
CEO & Founder of Ninetales
Ninetales team is super happy that tools like Casimir exists. We can continue doing what we do best which is developing creators economy and not worry about the fact that we are new to Web3. Casimir saves our time and money and makes building products with it fun.
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